Thursday, January 17, 2013

Create your own Shabby Chic homemade Dangly heart ♥

As the weather is cold and wet outside, I thought I'd stay in and make sure pretty shabby chic hanging hearts :) They don't cost much to make and they look ever so cute hanging anywhere in the home ♥
All I used was a sewing machine (or you can hand sew), some vintage style fabric (don't feel afraid to steal your nans tea-towels!), scissors, stuffing, tacking pins,tracing paper, tatty string and buttons if you wish to decorate it.
The first step I took was cut a heart shape into the tracing paper and transferred it twice onto the chosen material .
I then put the two heart together making sure the pattern faced each other so it is sewn together inside out ready to be opened out.
I then stitched all around the edges but make sure you leave a 1cm gap or even smaller if you want, so you have a hole to turn the heart inside out and eventually fill with stuffing.
#Tip - Make sure you double stitch the edges each side of the 1cm gap or the stitching will come undone.
Next I turned the heart inside out and began to fill the heart with the stuffing through the 1cm hole.
You can put in as much stuffing as you wish, depending on the desired look. I put in a good hand full so the heart was heard but also soft to squeeze.
I then hand stitched the 1cm hole with the same colour thread I used with my machine. I would recommend using white depending on the material used as this colour is less visible.
The next step I took was creating this cute little bow made out of tatty string. They are very easy to make and fix to the heart. I hand sewn my bow to it or you can use a hot glue gun. I decided not to us any buttons as I think this looks cute without one. I also used another piece of tatty string and threaded through the top and bottom of the hear and tied in a knot.
And here we have it :) My cute homemade hanging heart. Cheap, Cheerful and ever so chic. These would make cute little gifts for family and friends, Or you could simply add lavender inside and use them as scented heart for your draws!
So what do you think ?
Rachael x


  1. I love your easy to follow instructions. Will be making some dangly hearts today to decorate my home. lovely blog xxx

  2. Thank you for your comment :) Im glad you enjoyed this blog and found it easy to follow x